Friday, September 11, 2009

Leaves are Changing

After a good start to the Summer, with a first ascent at the New River Gorge and another at the local Parkway crag, the weather Gods got angry and gave us a good old fashioned swampy Summer. With thunderstorms almost every day keeping my projects wet, I hopped on my mountain bike and rock rings to start training. I've got to say that taking a break from climbing 4-5 days a week must have been good for my psyche because now that Fall is hinting at a return, I am more excited than ever to get on the stone. On a side note, I am getting married next week! Like planning for an expedition, I am ready to get this thing on! Wish me (and mostly my fiance Amy) luck. For our honeymoon, we'll be headed up to Squamish to do some climbing and riding. Definitely looking forward to that.


My beautiful wife to be, Amy.
-Brian Williams

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Unknown said...

So proud of you Brian! This is awesome to see and read. Love you and Amy so much! Your aunt, Denise