Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change Of Pace...

While my first love will always be long routes in the mountains and splitter cracks in the desert, it does a climber good to switch it up a little now and again. After a HOT summer in Salt Lake City, fall is upon us and it’s time to get psyched! I have some projects for the fall that will require a little more power than I’ve currently got, so I’ve been spending tons of time at Wild Iris outside of Lander in Wyoming. An idyllic camping scene, bullet proof pocketed stone, and the Wyoming wind to keep the temps in check makes for a truly perfect place to climb. A couple of shots from my latest trip:

A very ripped Jess Taverna throwing down on “Rising From the Planes”
A true master of all trades. The ever psyched and talented Will Mayo getting after it

My partner in crime for my latest Alaska trip, Rick Vance

Andreas Schmidt onsighting my project
The best part of all: a big ol’ pan of bacon. There’s just something special about drinking beer and eating bacon after a long day of pocket pulling


Chris Thomas

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Dean Lords said...

Mayo makes the best bacon...ever.