Friday, June 4, 2010

Spring....Mountain Niceness May 2010

harvesting the corn on Cobb pk

skiing the Comma Coulour/Cobb Pk-Pioneer Mts,ID

booting up the comma

cobb pk 11,650-the comma coulior

love biking with tele boots and skis on pack!

The City of Rocks,ID

check me out on the cover of Top Rope Mag

spring niceness!

Wow, it has been a great spring. I've had fun playing the weather game here in the northern Rockies. We have had a real wet spring which is has made for some excellent spring skiing! If it gets too warm for skiing....then go climbing! So, it is a win-win. Enjoy these photos from May.


Danny Walton

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding Danny!

-Jobu Walton