Friday, August 27, 2010

"Don't Call it a Comeback!"

Starting to let myself dream big again!

Our new Estes friend. Welcome guest, until he ripped the door off our shed at 3am.

Well...I guess you could call it a comeback. Anyone who has ever had a broken bone casted knows how quickly and severely muscle atrophy sets in, and with my broken L1 and L2 I was in a full body brace for nearly three months! Needless to say, my "climb" back towards fitness is a steep one.

But fortunately, it looks like all the silly water aerobics, walks, and theraband rehab I did while I was injured has paid off. I've been able to climb for the last two weeks. Mostly toproping in the gym, but a few days outside as well. It'll take a while to get any real power back, but after barely managing to climb 5.10 on my first day, I'm now getting up easy 5.12s pretty consistently. I even shocked everyone, especially myself, by managing to toprope a .13a at the local crag yesterday!

It feels so great to be pushing myself, and climbing again! Psyched for some trips this fall, maybe the Valley with Whit, and Patagonia this winter. Thanks again to everyone for their kind notes and calls, and especially all the folks that have been letting me mooch topropes the last two weeks! I hope to return the favor soon.

Below is a link to a little bouldering video from last winter's Patagonia trip.

Sorry for the low quality, but it was a fun learning process and I hope to improve my editing and filming skills in the future. Brian Gillmore deserves most of the credit for breaking out the camera while we were out climbing. Now that HD cameras are getting so compact, I think the possibilities for creating some truly cool videos from the alpine world, without a giant film crew in tow, is becoming reality.

Hope you're all having a great summer!

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Unknown said...

Hi Josh,

we don't know each other but I am impressed with you! My younger son, Matt Jorgeson, had a back disease for 3 years and wore a similiar brace all thru high school. Didn't seem to cause a problem with the girls though!!LOL

In the Jorgeson family we understand about traumatic events that are shocking in their suddenness, ripping away life as we know it, and leaving us to put it back together again. Each of us, Kevin included, have accepted, believed and moved forward. We came back better than before. That is what you are doing and I want to add our positive energy to yours knowing you'll be better than you ever could have imagined.
:) Gaelena Jorgeson

You're an amazing person and so is your wife.