Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Patagonia 2011......

I'm sitting in the Salt Lake air port having just left Bozeman at 6 degrees with a foot of fresh snow. Finally a blessing from the powder gods and I am leaving. Seems to be a standard for me. I'll have to wait until March.

I'm on my way to Patagonia for another round of hopeful alpine climbing. Nate Opp out of Bozeman, Josh Wharton from Colorado, and my self make up our team. We have all the latest and greatest from Mammut to fend off the harsh weather that rips through down here. Most exciting is that we have some huge plans for this trip. I would like to share one of the tools that we used in planning. It's a newish web site that was set up by the foremost expert in Patagonia. Check it out at www.PATAclimb.com. It's a comprehensive guide to most of the climbing that exists in the Fitz Roy and Torre Groups.

I will be making regular posts at this blog site to keep all those interested in our adventures current to our location and our climbing . Stay tuned and please send us some high pressure.

Whit Magro

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