Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farewell, Fontainebleau. Hello (somewhere in) Spain!

We've had nearly three weeks of bouldering here in Fontainebleau, France. Our gite rental is nearly over, and our friends almost gone. So tomorrow we leave for somewhere in Spain.

We're not sure exactly where we're headed yet, as the weather everywhere in Catalonia seems to have a pretty dismal forecast.

Anyway, we'll be on the road all day tomorrow, hopefully arriving in the Barcelona area sometime before midnight.

Autumn descends on France.

"Cozy" riding conditions on the way to bouldering. (Four people, four pads, and bags in a small Toyota sedan)

Serious topouts for serious people

Simulclimbing in Font

Jakob getting revenge on a really nice 7a in 95.2

Our street in the morning

Parking at Franchard Isatis is sweet.

David initiating the send train on a crimpy 7a in Franchard Isatis (Plan 3)

Franchard Isaatis

David sending a 7b+ problem in Franchard Isatis (Plan 3)

David giving Duel (an 8a SLAB!!!) a good go at the end of our trip.

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