Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Rodeo and a (Cold) Day at Dry Wall in Ten Sleep

We've been in Ten Sleep for just a few days, and have unfortunately had a good bout of spring conditions... that is rain, wind, and cold. However, we've still managed to sneak out for some hours here and there some sub-par climbing. As it turns out, these shorter days may actually be the best way for us to "get back on the horse" as, having not climbed for 3.5 weeks, we could easily burn ourselves out if we had good enough weather to go full bore. 

Here are a few low-light, cloudy sky images of our first days back in our new home.

 Not as famous as the 4th of July Rodeo, Ten Sleep's Memorial Day Weekend rodeo, Beauty and the Beast

 I'd never this this particular type of hood ornament before.

 Kevin and Gord staring up at Dry Wall

 David contemplating climbing after 3+ weeks off

 Gord showing Kevin the way... up.

Kevin doing the first ascent of his new, as of yet unnamed, 12bish route at Dry Wall

Looking quite a lot better in the relatively near future...

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