Friday, October 26, 2012

October Sport Climbing/ Sport Watching

In terms of normal-livin', the weather here in Ten Sleep has been A-OK the last few weeks. It's been cloudy with daytime highs from 30-50 degrees F here in town/ the valley. However, if you're gonna try to sport climb (and if you're a wuss like I am), this isn't gonna cut it! Thought it's definitely possible to climb here in October, you really need the sun to shine long and hard. So for the past two weeks (aside from a few Cody bouldering attempts) we've been milling around the house in slippers and sweatpants, running into each other and the walls. 

But this morning we woke up, and it was sunny! So today, even though it was one of the coldest days yet this fall, we decided to bust a move into the canyon and see whether or not David really is from Sweden. Turns out that he totally is from Sweden and I'm not. After freezing myself silly on one pitch, he climbed a few more pitches and I sport watched. 

Porch in the morning

Temperature at the parking

Cracks are cold even when it's sunny.

Derv exploring an old school slab... bolts are much, much more spaced than they appear.

David looking in vain for the next bolt

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