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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Utah Research Trip: 8 Days, 21 Hikes & 2000 Driving Miles

Last week, I took my final research trip for my 50 Hikes in Utah book. Though I'd already done 30 hikes, I "messed up" one of the earlier ones--so I did 21 hikes on trip. David couldn't come with me this time, but my mother surprised me by driving down from Montana and joining for a few days--which was awesome, and totally unexpected!

Below is one image from each hike:
01 Limber Pine Trail in Logan Canyon

02 Naomi Peak in Logan Canyon

03 Tony Grove Nature Trail in Logan Canyon

04 White Pine Lake in Logan Canyon

05 Maughan Hollow in Logan Canyon

06 Riverside Nature Trail in Logan Canyon

07 Wind Caves in Logan Canyon

08 Green Canyon Trail in Green Canyon

09 Beirdneau Trail to Wind Cave Way in Green Canyon

10 Red Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon

11 Snowbird to Hidden Peak in Little Cottonwood Canyon

12 Albion Basin to Catherine Pass in Little Cottonwood Canyon

13 Willow Heights to Willow Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon

14 Brighton to Dog, Mary Lakes in Big Cottonwood Canyon

15 Silver Lake Loop in Big Cottonwood Canyon

16 Little Mountain Summit in Emigration Canyon

17 Rattlesnake Gulch to Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon

18 Silver Lake Flat to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon

19 Tibble Fork Loop in American Fork Canyon

20 Pine Hollow in American Fork Canyon

21 Sundance to Stewart Falls