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Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekend on Empetrum Peak

Garibaldi Provincial Park protects almost 2,000 square kilometres of rugged alpine wilderness just north of Squamish and provides world-class hiking, mountaineering and skiing objectives for locals and tourists alike. The majority of the park is virtually impenetrable, but a few well-developed access points between Squamish and Whistler allow outdoor enthusiasts to explore some of the region's gorgeous, alpine terrain. The iconic volcanic peak, Black Tusk, is one of the area's major draws, and shortly before the fall rains settled onto the B.C. coast, we made an exploratory trek up Empetrum Peak to see the Tusk from a new perspective.

Garibaldi Park

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Squamish Mountain Life

A hot, hazy summer transitioned into a glorious fall in Western B.C., and this past season provided ample opportunity to complete my research into Squamish's best hiking and scrambling destinations. I logged many kilometres in hiking boots this summer, gave my suite of Mammut backpacks a full workout, and found myself in some new and beautiful locations, once again proving that Squamish is much more than simply a world-class rock climbing destination.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, all of which were taken within a 30-km radius of town.

Howe Sound from the west ridge of Deeks Peak

Friday, March 27, 2015

Chattanooga Snapshot

Not one for stasis (see: previous blog posts), I’m on the road again. After a brief stint in Oregon, I have recommenced the road trip:

You know that saying, “it’s the journey, not the destination”? Yeah, I think about that one a lot. It’s one of the many small truths I frequently wrestle with. This most recent leg of my US adventure has given my ample time to consider the implications.

It’s a forty six hour drive from Portland, Oregon to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The last half is prime reflection country. Not much going on there, in the fly over  states. Cruise control, 70 on 70, just gotta stay between the lines. 

Nate Drolet on Interplanetary Escape

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hiking Hawaiian Style

Rock climbing on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is currently closed due to an accident that occurred a number of years ago. With this restriction in place, climbers stranded in paradise can either entertain themselves with a bit of jungle bouldering (check out or leave the beach to explore Oahu's varied topography on a well-developed network of local hiking trails. Hiking in Hawaii has gained a lot popularity in the last decade and there are now guidebooks, maps and websites dedicated to this away-from-the-sand activity.

(Edited on 3/2/15- A local climber reached out to us indicating that two of the three main areas on the island have since reopened to climbing.) 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mountain Lake Alpine - Squamish, BC

With the opening of the new Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, alpine adventures have suddenly become far more accessible. However, with improved access comes increased traffic and Sky Pilot, the prominent alpine peak just south of town, has likely seen more ascents this year than in the last 10 combined. Looking to escape the crowds and the summer heat in the valley, we decided to check out Mountain Lake, a beautiful yet tough-to-access zone on the south side of Sky Pilot, far from the burger-eating crowds at the top of the gondola.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trion Light on the West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail is a world class hike on the far side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This scenic journey is a wonderland of thick coastal forests, sweeping beaches and rugged headlands riddled with caves and sea stacks. Wildlife is abundant, and sightings of bears, cougars and whales are very common. A few thousand visitors challenge themselves on the 75-km trail each year and the varied surface and weather conditions provide a challenge when it comes to selecting gear. Upon returning from a five-day trek along the trail, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on gearing up.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Squamish Hiking

In between climbing projects this spring, I started researching a new hiking guide to Squamish. This has turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to explore the wilderness around Squamish, which is vast. I've lived here for over 20 years, but am seeing places I've never eyed before. I've got many hikes left to do, but hope to have the book ready for 2014.

Boardwalk in Crumpit Woods

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Utah Research Trip: 8 Days, 21 Hikes & 2000 Driving Miles

Last week, I took my final research trip for my 50 Hikes in Utah book. Though I'd already done 30 hikes, I "messed up" one of the earlier ones--so I did 21 hikes on trip. David couldn't come with me this time, but my mother surprised me by driving down from Montana and joining for a few days--which was awesome, and totally unexpected!

Below is one image from each hike:
01 Limber Pine Trail in Logan Canyon

02 Naomi Peak in Logan Canyon

03 Tony Grove Nature Trail in Logan Canyon

04 White Pine Lake in Logan Canyon

05 Maughan Hollow in Logan Canyon

06 Riverside Nature Trail in Logan Canyon

07 Wind Caves in Logan Canyon

08 Green Canyon Trail in Green Canyon

09 Beirdneau Trail to Wind Cave Way in Green Canyon

10 Red Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon

11 Snowbird to Hidden Peak in Little Cottonwood Canyon

12 Albion Basin to Catherine Pass in Little Cottonwood Canyon

13 Willow Heights to Willow Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon

14 Brighton to Dog, Mary Lakes in Big Cottonwood Canyon

15 Silver Lake Loop in Big Cottonwood Canyon

16 Little Mountain Summit in Emigration Canyon

17 Rattlesnake Gulch to Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon

18 Silver Lake Flat to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon

19 Tibble Fork Loop in American Fork Canyon

20 Pine Hollow in American Fork Canyon

21 Sundance to Stewart Falls

Monday, July 23, 2012

Work Trip to Utah: 15 hikes, 80 walking miles, 17,000 vertical feet and 2,000+ driving miles

I'm still writing a book on hiking in Utah and, though we took a big research trip to southern Utah in March, I still had something like 70% of the book's hikes left to do. So a few week ago, we took another trip to Utah to knock out another several hikes. We had a lot of other things to take care of on the trip, and it was brutally hot (triple-digit highs), so I ended up only getting 14 hikes finished. Still, I covered a lot of miles (~2000 in the car and ~80 on foot) and took a lot of photos.

1 .  Waterfall Canyon, Ogden: 2.4 miles/ 1200' gain/ 94 degrees F

2. Indian Trail, Ogden: 2.7 miles/ 800' gain/ 94 degrees F

3. Skull Crack Canyon, Causey Reservoir, Ogden Canyon: 4.7 miles/ 700' gain/ 96 degrees F

4. Ogden Overlook, Snowbasin Resort: 5.3 miles/ 1200' gain/ 96 degrees F

5. White Rock Bay, Antelope Island: 7.3 miles/ 700' gain/  105 degrees F!!!

6. Frary Peak, (the tallest point on) Antelope Island: 6.6 miles/ 2200' gain/ 105 degrees F!!!

7. Wheeler Creek, Ogden Canyon: 3.9 miles/ 720' gain/ 102 degrees F

8. Mt. Aire, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 3.3 miles/ 2200' gain/ 102 degrees F

9. Dog Lake from Upper Big Water, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 5.2 miles/ 1300' gain/ 102 degrees F

10. Notch Loop, Uinta Mountains: 5.7 miles/ 1040' gain/ much cooler

11. Lake Country Loop, Uinta Mountains: 7.5 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

12. Amethyst Basin and Lake, Uinta Mountains: 10.9 miles/ 2600' gain/ much cooler

13. Notch Mountain Trail from Bald Mountain Pass to Trial Lake Trail Head, Uinta Mountains: 9.8 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

14. Bald Mountain, Uinta Mountains: 2.8 miles/ 1205' gain/ extreme! wind and blowing rain on the descent