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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There is snow somewhere...

It is now July and most people are well into the summer activities, but I have just wrapped up my winter ski season with an amazing two months of heli-skiing in Iceland.

Irwin Guides began exploring heli skiing on this little island in the North Atlantic in 2013, but this season marked the beginning of full scale operations. I was given the heavy opportunity to put this program together and get our heli operation off the ground.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Iceland Heli Skiing

At the end of May, most people have hung up the skis and begun the climbing season. While recent posts here are more rock climbing oriented, I have just finished my ski season with two great weeks of heli skiing in Iceland.
This year the company I ski guide for, Eleven Experience ( began the process of opening a heli operation on the North side of Iceland. This year was a dry run with a few selected guests, more guides than we needed and lots of logistical support from the locals. Next season we hope to be fully operational with lodging, down day activities and lots and lots of quality skiing. 
Our pilot was pretty rad

Iceland is an amazing place. Wild, remote and sparsely populated with the friendliest people I have ever encountered. Most of the population is scattered along the coastlines with the mountains being in the middle of the island and dropping straight into the ocean.
Skiing toward the fijord