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Monday, December 31, 2012

Nicaragua Dreamin'

Early winter can often be pretty dry around here, making it a good time to get out.  This year I decided to put off climbing for a bit and instead join a couple good buddies for a surf mancation Nicaragua style.  Great waves and some solid adventures best told with bottle in hand. 

 I was also lucky enough to meet and get to know the “Don” of Nico Chris Shanks, an ex-pat, old school climber who has made his way in Central America for the last decade.    One of many of Chris’s projects is investing in a new gorgeous yoga and wellness retreat near Gigante beach.  People travel from all over the world to enjoy tree-top living, yoga, surfing, paddling, hiking….and hopefully soon rock climbing.  Limestone cliffs happen to everywhere near the resort.  From slabs to caves all within a short 5-10 minute boat ride.

The only catch…they need someone to develop them.  Yup, spend a couple of comped weeks living on the pacific coast with the monkeys putting up routes for the Yoga Retreat to offer and use.  Turns out I know just the guy for the job!!!!   

For now its ice season…but soon…to be continued…

Back on the home front we had one of the warmest November and early December on record, but that has just turned and the pillers are getting FAT!!  With no Ouray comp to train for this year I've decided to get back to putting up new routes around here.  This weekend I kicked things off with the FA of a cool super steep M10 located in the aptly named Choss Cave.  Nothing but upside down modern trickery out and up some heinous frozen choss; love it!    Immediately after I belayed good friend Matt McCormick as he hooked up a solid flash of the thing, nice work man!

Jeremy "Rowdy" Dowdy inspects the Choss.  The Free Standing Piller is a fun little NEI 4

Finally some feet...(last years photo, sorry)

By this coming weekend the ice should be huge and with a handful of hard undone lines waiting on the large north face….well, things should be good.

Happy New Year All!  - Josh Worley, Burlington VT 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little of this, little of that

Here’s to a fantastic fall season.  Lots of office time and a busted up ankle slowed things down a bit this summer but September and October have been busy and Burlington seems to be in just the right spot to get around.  Perfect days climbing on the fine schist of Vermont and New Hampshire, splitter cracks of the Adirondacks, and jug hullin’ at Shagg Crag in Maine.  Haha, and even some wet days in Quebec getting ready for the ice. 
Summer 2012...Jones

Me, Ethan and Jeremy climbing a couple of my favorite Rumney Pitches
Flying Monkey 12c

Dynosoar 13a
New wind power from the Orange Crush ledge, Rumney, NH
Kate on Finger it out 10a  Adirondacks, NY

The road to Shagg Crag, ME
Nice Tooth Link 13a 

I made it out climbing with our East Coast Mammut Rep Tim Augustinowicz.  Tim is a super guy, ex-rock n roll star who has a strong technical clothing background, but is new to the climbing side.  We spent the day playing with the full Mammut arsenal on some local VT routes.
Tim getting after it, Boltsemite VT
A little Tool training in Quebec
Ergocentrique M9+
Beach Muscles on Hysterie M9-
Giant pumpkin head man.  Scary.

Be well all!  Josh Worley, Burlington VT