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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beau knows cold

photo by Kt Miller
It's been cold here in MT this winter!  20 below for a couple days in a row.  

Thus, it's been fun to experiment with different Mammut clothing systems.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

A weekend attempt on Mt. Huntington

Travel pig sizes up Mt. Huntington
©Doug Shepherd
Life has been hectic since getting back from Patagonia, between traveling to Europe for work and the enjoying the changing seasons in Northern New Mexico.  We had very little snow this year, so our rock climbing and trail running seasons started early.  Despite all that, I've been itching for a bit more winter after acting as the "weather guy" for a few different friends climbing throughout Alaska. Finally, I'd had enough and the weather last weekend was too good to pass up.  I recruited my friend Aaron Mulkey to head to the Alaska Range and try a route on Mt. Huntington in a push.  I left Los Alamos on Friday afternoon, met up with Aaron in Anchorage early Saturday morning, and arrived in Talkeetna by 4AM on Saturday.

Our junk show in the Talkeetna Air Taxi parking lot after flying and driving all night to get there
©Doug Shepherd