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Friday, June 12, 2015

Ski Boots or Rock Shoes? A journey toward the IFMGA.

As many of you throughout the country are transitioning from winter to spring, trading ski boots and ice axes for rock shoes and crash pads.  I had the pleasure of extending my season and continuing my guide education in Pemberton British Columbia on the American Mountain Guides Association Ski Exam.  The Ski Exam is the eight day culmination of the ski track and candidates are assessed and certified at the IFMGA standard in addition to furthering our general education.  Candidates come to the exam with a large amount experience, not to mention all the course work including a 12-day Ski Guide Course, 10-day Advanced Ski Guide Course and Aspirant Exam, a 4-day AIARE Level II, and a 5-day AIARE Level III.  That’s 31 days of professional development not to mention in house guide trainings, personal training days and days with actual clients. 

Coming up one of our many technical challenges during our heli day! Photo Amos Whiting
Gear I couldn't live with out; P.A.S Pro Airbag pack, Barryvox pulse, Fast lock probes, Ultimate Hoody softshell jacket, Alyeska GTX Pro jacket and most importantly the Alyeska GTX Pro Realization pant. Having the built in harness worked amazing for everything from quick rappels to crevasse rescue. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snow in the Alpine!

Time to break out the puffy coat winter is in full effect.  The epic indian summer and its golden trees have dropped their leaves and the alpine is coated with snow.  This past fall has been one of the most beautiful in recent memory.  As December settles in Mother Nature is off to a good start and hopefully will bless us with a deep winter.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mammut's ski mountaineering, climber, trail running athlete is playing on her BIKE this week!

From the sea and snow this past spring...

Mammut Athlete, Brandyn Roark prepping for ski hut trip
in the Arctic circle
with Athlete/friend  Rachael Burks
Special thanks to Mammut, Scott, Grivel, and
Hammer for all their awesome help!  

Writer Brigid Mander, and skiers Rachael Burks and Brandyn Roark
taking a SERIOUS look at their Arctic surroundings!