Thursday, November 19, 2009

I just got back from the Antarctic Peninsula where I was ski guiding on Doug Stoup's Ice Axe Expeditions ski cruise. It was the first trip of it's kind and an amazing one at that. We were on a 180' boat with motivated skiers. Our crossing of the Drake Passage, known to be some of the roughest seas in the world, were pretty benign. We did have one day of 20' swell--all day long plates were crashing in the dinning room while we all tried to avoid sea sickness by doping on dramaminne.

On the Peninsula, we had outstanding weather--7 days of sun. The skiing conditions were usually a few inches of soft snow over firm snow. The terrain was endless.

In two days I head back to the Peninsula. This time on a 70' sailboat to help a film crew capture footage of Stian Hagen and Chris Davenport.

Praying for a Drake Lake!

Doug Workman

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Constantin Gabor said...

Great stuff! I love wilderness and this is definitely a beautiful and remote place.

Great pics as well.