Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blood, Guts, and Gore!

by Chris Thomas

Blood, guts, and gore!  While climbing at The Hoop, UT I slipped on some dirty rock and took a whipper on the slab warm up.   I wasn’t in any pain, but when I looked at my elbow I couldn’t believe it!
20 minute hike, 3 hour drive, and three different hospitals later, I finally ended up getting same day surgery in the ER in Salt Lake City.  My extensor tendon was cut, but not completely severed, and I went through the fascia and into muscle.  The biggest risk is infection from the pile of dirt, lichen, and other debris that were lodged inside the wound. 

The funny thing is I have absolutely no idea what cut me.  A razor sharp blade of Utah limestone?  A bolt hanger?
Be careful out there, even slabby moderate sport routes can snap at you when you’re not paying attention.

Chris Thomas


Gribbin Loring said...

Damn Chris nicely done. Glad you are bouncing back.

Chris Thomas said...

Chris Thomas said...
Thanks Gribbin! My mama always said if you're gonna do something you better do it right...
I'm lucky it wasn't worse, but then maybe the luck I needed was for it to not happen in the first place? Best, Chris