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Monday, July 23, 2012

Work Trip to Utah: 15 hikes, 80 walking miles, 17,000 vertical feet and 2,000+ driving miles

I'm still writing a book on hiking in Utah and, though we took a big research trip to southern Utah in March, I still had something like 70% of the book's hikes left to do. So a few week ago, we took another trip to Utah to knock out another several hikes. We had a lot of other things to take care of on the trip, and it was brutally hot (triple-digit highs), so I ended up only getting 14 hikes finished. Still, I covered a lot of miles (~2000 in the car and ~80 on foot) and took a lot of photos.

1 .  Waterfall Canyon, Ogden: 2.4 miles/ 1200' gain/ 94 degrees F

2. Indian Trail, Ogden: 2.7 miles/ 800' gain/ 94 degrees F

3. Skull Crack Canyon, Causey Reservoir, Ogden Canyon: 4.7 miles/ 700' gain/ 96 degrees F

4. Ogden Overlook, Snowbasin Resort: 5.3 miles/ 1200' gain/ 96 degrees F

5. White Rock Bay, Antelope Island: 7.3 miles/ 700' gain/  105 degrees F!!!

6. Frary Peak, (the tallest point on) Antelope Island: 6.6 miles/ 2200' gain/ 105 degrees F!!!

7. Wheeler Creek, Ogden Canyon: 3.9 miles/ 720' gain/ 102 degrees F

8. Mt. Aire, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 3.3 miles/ 2200' gain/ 102 degrees F

9. Dog Lake from Upper Big Water, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 5.2 miles/ 1300' gain/ 102 degrees F

10. Notch Loop, Uinta Mountains: 5.7 miles/ 1040' gain/ much cooler

11. Lake Country Loop, Uinta Mountains: 7.5 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

12. Amethyst Basin and Lake, Uinta Mountains: 10.9 miles/ 2600' gain/ much cooler

13. Notch Mountain Trail from Bald Mountain Pass to Trial Lake Trail Head, Uinta Mountains: 9.8 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

14. Bald Mountain, Uinta Mountains: 2.8 miles/ 1205' gain/ extreme! wind and blowing rain on the descent