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Monday, July 23, 2012

Work Trip to Utah: 15 hikes, 80 walking miles, 17,000 vertical feet and 2,000+ driving miles

I'm still writing a book on hiking in Utah and, though we took a big research trip to southern Utah in March, I still had something like 70% of the book's hikes left to do. So a few week ago, we took another trip to Utah to knock out another several hikes. We had a lot of other things to take care of on the trip, and it was brutally hot (triple-digit highs), so I ended up only getting 14 hikes finished. Still, I covered a lot of miles (~2000 in the car and ~80 on foot) and took a lot of photos.

1 .  Waterfall Canyon, Ogden: 2.4 miles/ 1200' gain/ 94 degrees F

2. Indian Trail, Ogden: 2.7 miles/ 800' gain/ 94 degrees F

3. Skull Crack Canyon, Causey Reservoir, Ogden Canyon: 4.7 miles/ 700' gain/ 96 degrees F

4. Ogden Overlook, Snowbasin Resort: 5.3 miles/ 1200' gain/ 96 degrees F

5. White Rock Bay, Antelope Island: 7.3 miles/ 700' gain/  105 degrees F!!!

6. Frary Peak, (the tallest point on) Antelope Island: 6.6 miles/ 2200' gain/ 105 degrees F!!!

7. Wheeler Creek, Ogden Canyon: 3.9 miles/ 720' gain/ 102 degrees F

8. Mt. Aire, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 3.3 miles/ 2200' gain/ 102 degrees F

9. Dog Lake from Upper Big Water, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 5.2 miles/ 1300' gain/ 102 degrees F

10. Notch Loop, Uinta Mountains: 5.7 miles/ 1040' gain/ much cooler

11. Lake Country Loop, Uinta Mountains: 7.5 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

12. Amethyst Basin and Lake, Uinta Mountains: 10.9 miles/ 2600' gain/ much cooler

13. Notch Mountain Trail from Bald Mountain Pass to Trial Lake Trail Head, Uinta Mountains: 9.8 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

14. Bald Mountain, Uinta Mountains: 2.8 miles/ 1205' gain/ extreme! wind and blowing rain on the descent


Friday, December 10, 2010

Hallway Couloir

Back in the Wasatch Mountains. My winter home and training grounds.

Here Is the Hallway Couloir as the Skierboyz open it for the season.

Here's a pic I took looking down one of the easier crux moves. We didn't take the time to stop and take pictures at the main crux where there are a few small mandatory cliff drops.

Suicide Chute

The next day me and two other Skierboyz are making our way to the top of the Suicide Chute. Another shot that is a must ski. The way Suicide faces it just stares at you when skiing further up Little Cottonwood.

We did some waiting on the the top for a party of two that must have seen our booter and wanted to take advantage of it. I was glad to have my Mammut Pro shell with me to keep the wind on the top from beating in to my bones.


As most know not only does the Little Cottonwood canyon have amazing backcountry and slackcountry it's also home to some of the best powder skiing and my home resort, Alta.

This is what the first two weeks of the season where like. Just some of the best powder skiing anyone could wish for.

Be safe and stay warm and dry.

Peace Dylan Crossman