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Friday, April 25, 2014

Elk Mountain Grand Re-verse 2014

Racers lined up for the midnight start at Mt. Crested Butte
Photo ©Doug Shepherd
Sometimes, circumstances in the mountains are beyond your control.  Injuries, weather, and sickness are just a few things that can derail months of preparation.  When it's obvious a climb, a race, or a trip isn't going to go your way, what do you do?  Burn out and give up?  Enjoy the experience for what it is?  All of these issues become even more complicated when you are working with a partner, who is fighting his or her own battles.  My strongest relationships are with those partners whom I've gone with into the mountains and tried our best, independent of success or failure.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Peter Terbush Memorial Outdoor Leadership Summit

Each June I have the opportunity to teach a segment of the "Summit". This program was started at Western State Colorado University in remembrance of Pete Turbush who died in a climbing related rock fall accident in Yosemite back in 1999 ( Pete wanted to become a mountain guide, so his parents set up this foundation to give college students the fundamental technical experience as well as outdoor leadership training necessary to follow in Peter's path.
 I have taught both the mulit-pitch rock segment as well as the single pitch course for the "Summit" over the past several years, and it is always fun to remember what it was like when I was an up-and-coming guide learning these techniques.

Learning lowering techniques at Taylor Canyon

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter at Irwin Colorado

This had been a very busy winter for me at Irwin Catskiing outside of Crested Butte, CO. After a slow start to the ski season, we have hit our stride with lots of snow and epic powder skiing since the end of January. 

Photo: Ahhhh.…nice day!
The "Movie Cabin" Our base of operations at Irwin  

With almost 100" of snowfall in the past six weeks, almost everyday has been deep. Twice in February we woke up to a surprise 17" of 4-6% density snowfall. Epic. Our guide staff Stoney jackets have proven to be more than versatile in everything from cold bluebird days to full on dumpage.

Slaying the deep

Catchin' guide air
 At Irwin, all guides wear RIDE R.A.S. packs while working. We do control our terrain much like a ski area, however we use a lighter touch to keep the ski quality high. This means all guests are outfitted with Element beacons as well.
Soooo goood

Follow the leader!
As March warms up the skiing turns to corn and mountaineering descents. For the first time in six years I will be in Crested Butte for the spring skiing season. While I'll miss Chamonix next month, I'm pretty stoked to turn it up in the backyard for a change!
Steve Banks