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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Paradox Ice 2013

The Paradox Ice 2013 crew
In early March every year, a rowdy group descends on the Ouray Ice Park to celebrate the sport of ice climbing and hold a huge party.  The majority of climbers in this group have some sort of physical disability, ranging from stumpy fingers to missing limbs to partial paralysis.  For the past two years I've helped in any way I can to make this weekend a success and both times I've found myself barely keeping up with this amazing group of people.  Working with Paradox Sports is easily my favorite event of the year and I wanted to share some photos from the amazing event this past weekend.

The "stumpy" crew at the Ouray Brewery on the first night
Working on climbing without tools and trusting your feet
Sometimes standing in the snow is harder than the actual climbing
When you can't use your legs, you have to find new ways to move upwards.  Three tools (each with a rope tether and gri-gri) provide stability and upward motion here.
It also means you can recruit friends to rapidly transport you around the canyon
 Working out the kinks on the first time ice climbing with a new prosthetic leg that has a bicycle shock and a rubber "tendon" to draw the foot back
Testing out Mark Miller's swing-able ice axe prosthetic prototype
The guiding/rigging crew at the beginning of the second day
Catching a ride into the Ouray Ice Park at the start of the second day
Myself setting up the rappel and lowering lines into the Ouray Ice Park on the second day.  The alpine smart made my job of safely and smoothly getting everyone in and out of the canyon much easier.
Myself explaining the silliness that is mixed climbing
All smiles after her first mixed climb ever
A well loved and still kicking Mammut Neon Light pack
Andres Marin helping to perfect technique
Claudia Camila Lopez, one of the hardest working photographers out there
Another huge smile, this time after topping out his first ever ice lead

Doug Shepherd
Los Alamos, NM

Monday, March 12, 2012

150 Peaks Project - Mt Washington NH

The anniversary is on, Mammut is celebrating 150 years offering innovative products to outdoor and mountain enthusiasts.  To celebrated this event a selected team of climbers from all over the country arrived in NH and met at the Highland center on Friday evening. Our weekend plan was to climb NH's most beautiful mountain - Mt Washington. The team members were Bill - Mammut CEO, Kristen - Backpacker Magazine gear editor, Dave - Mountain Gear general manager, R D - Access Fund - legal council, Maureen and Mike - Paradox Sports, along with Jim and Matt - MMG guides and myself. 

The forecasted mountain weather was for temperatures struggling to reach 5 degrees with a 25 to 40 MPH wind from the west. We all were equipped with the Peaks Collection clothing and felt prepared for this cold, blustery climb. The initial climb to Lake of the Clouds surprised us with warm temperatures and no wind. Once we reached the alpine zone the clouds moved in and the temperature dropped quickly to the forecasted single digits. This was exactly what we prepared for and expected on Mt Washington. The team layered up in the 150 Peaks Collection pro shell and added face and eye protection to continue our climb into this amazing alpine area. We all continued up into the fog and clouds on the summit cone. We summited by mid day and the clouds broke treating us to a few moments of views to the south and east.

The lower Ammonusuc Trail was in good condition. This made for a fast ascent to Lake of the Clouds Hut.

The team in sync as we climbed together across the lower snow slopes. 


The fog and clouds moved in on the summit area adding excitement to our climb.

Our first views of the summit towers as the skies opened up on the final push to the top.

Bill and Maureen arriving at the top of Mt Washington. 

Thanks to Mammut for supporting us during this fantastic celebration. It was an awesome day on the mountain and an absolute pleasure to meet and climb with each of you.

Art Mooney
IFMGA Mountain Guide